About us


The tradition of woodcarving began in the early 50's in our community of San Antonio Arrazola, Oaxaca (better known as the cradle of alebrijes), located at the foot of the archaeological zone of Monte Albán. 

I am Eleazar Morales Ramírez, I come from a family of 12 people, father, mother and 10 brothers, of which only 4 are dedicated to art.

My father's trade was masonry and I remember that when I was a child I accompanied him and helped him, as time went by I became interested in the art of alebrijes, because already at that time there were artisans with too much experience.

First I started selling clay figures, I took them to Monte Albán since it was where people were most concentrated at that time (tourists), they really were very interested in knowing more about our culture, our crafts and our work, so I was It happened to take them to the home of the artisans. The artisans demonstrated their work for the tourists, but I also paid too much attention. Later, with the savings, I was able to buy my basic tools and when I came home after the tours, I practiced everything I had seen.

Little by little my created pieces were improving, my painting, my technique, I had even saved enough to buy all the necessary tools. I was very interested in capturing the real, what nature showed us, to such a degree that we started with a new style, the realist. People told me that this type of painting was not attractive, but I did not give up, I continued with my style. Thanks to my faith in painting some time later it became popular, foreigners, collectors, tourists began to look for me, because they had liked my style and I was very happy.ActuallyI have two different new styles; textured stippling and duality, but you can learn more about these on our blog, where you will find a variety of information.

I currently live with my wife named Dora, with whom I have a beautiful family, two sons and a daughter, of whom I am very proud for who they are and will become.

I always knew that innovation is important, so now I want to be part of something bigger.

Taller Eleazar believes in art, seeks to be innovative, fun, daring, flexible, complex, faithful, introverted and spontaneous. He is not afraid of challenges and changes. He is committed to environmental projects that contribute to the community.
We believe in an art that can transmit good values, that is why we use a triple impact model; economic, social and environmental.


We seek to be a workshop committed to fair Trade, seeking to incite others to join.


We seek to disseminate all the crafts of the state of Oaxaca, with the aim of giving them the recognition they deserve.


He is committed to caring for the environment, since he understands well that his raw material comes from nature.
A percentage of the profits obtained will be donated for the conservation of the environment of the state of Oaxaca.

In our blog you can find out about future environmental projects, as well as you can see if there are calls to participate and collaborate.

Values ​​and beliefs of our brand

Adaptability: We know how important changes are, that is why we are always constantly updating to adapt to any situation

Wellness: Eleazar Workshop cares about your mental condition, that is why we make our products give you that state of satisfaction and tranquility that you need

Commitment: Taller Eleazar has a commitment to you and to our people, that is why all our projects are carried out with total transparency

Provision: The willingness to help others, among other things, is what today makes our workshop very different from the others

Family: Taller Eleazar knows that we are all family, that is why we create a bond beyond the ordinary

Loyalty: We have respect and fidelity to our values ​​and beliefs, and to the commitments established with third parties.