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How do I customize my part?
There are several criteria you should consider before customizing your piece, here we tell you

If your piece is a combination of nahul-tona we will only ask you for some data and you will have to send us points 2 and 3 of the following scheme, otherwise, if your piece would be completely customized you must follow the 3 points.

  1. The idea of the piece you want customized (you can get inspired by other pieces from our gallery)
  2. Part measurement (High or Long)
  3. The type of paint you want; Real (as shown in nature), fanciful, grecas (symbols and figures with meaning), traditional (simple strokes), nuanced (Base with different colors mixed), and our specialty, the dotted painting, which has texture in the finish.

How do I get to know about the types of paint, materials, among other things that my Alebrije piece carries?

All information about the alebrijes; history, types of paintings, What is your nahual and tona, you can find it in our Blog

    What is the cost of custom parts?

    The cost will depend on the part, in which they involve the customization criteria you choose.
    It will cost less if the part is few finishes (small details), and the cost will be higher if the part is complicated to make (finer details)

    What is the estimated time for delivery of a part?

    The preparation time of the parts could take between 1 to 4 months and will depend on the size of the part, you will constantly be sent an update email of the status of your piece, so that you go reviewing the progress that is having


    How can I clean my parts?

    The best way to clean your piece is to occupy two rags. For the first pass the first rag should be completely dry and clean, for the second pass you can slightly moisten the rag. (Try not to apply too much force when cleaning your parts)

    You can clean your parts as many times as you think it's necessary

    If water falls on my piece, is it damaged?

    No, in case your piece gets wet you should dry it with a canvas (preferably wool)

    Can I leave the pieces for the outside of my house?

    No, over time the paint deteriorates (minimum), if the parts are put outdoors adding the external factors (Climate, Humidity) the part will wear out in smaller timeframes.